Monday, April 28, 2014


(Hey FBRs! I haven't written any poetry in a LOOOOOONG time, but it seemed so appropriate for what can only be described as *Blank Stare* Saturday. Hope you hear my heart on it.)

I am Enough.
Cried an ocean of tears
Smiled ‘til my cheeks burned
Jagged rocks
Bitter pills 
They mingle together in my stomach
I have dreamed
For him.
And him.
Oh, and “pleasepleasepleaseprettypleaseGodIknowheistheone?”
Him too.
But he wasn’t.
And I was still
Am still
I jumped through hoops
Balanced on tightropes
Wore the mask
Stuffed the hurt deep inside because…
I am more than numbers
And percentages
I am Enough.
I am not your ex-girlfriend
Baby mama
I did not break your heart
I did not ask for your money
I don’t even know you
You don’t know me
Allow me to introduce myself…
I am Enough.
More than
A credit score
A dress size
A skill
A look
A word
A feature
A promise that if you will just….
all you need to do is…

Be Enough?
I am.


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