Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Writing Challenge, Day 9: Speak Those Things

“Show it to me.”

Sierra abruptly stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, causing a pedestrian pile-up during the lunch hour traffic. She snatched off her glasses, narrowed her fiery brown eyes and prepared to unleash a verbal tirade that would surely cause grown men to blush and mothers to cover their child’s ears.

“…your heart.”

“I beg your pardon?”

As the attractive man stepped closer to her, her sense of smell was lured in by notes of bergamot, lavender, amber and vanilla. Prada Luna Rossa. Sierra inhaled, struggling to keep the stoic look on her face. Girrrrrrrl, don’t fall for it.

“I was just talking to God on my way back to myoffice…you’re not offended by that are you?”

“Not at all.” 
A Christian who wears Prada. Two points.

“Great.” The man smiled at Sierra and continued. “Like I said, I was talking to God about this whole dating and relationship thing in today’s world. It seems like no one is really out here to get to know each other—I mean beyond Facebook quotes and filtered Instagram pics. I’m frustrated and I told God as much.”

Is this some kind of joke? 
Sierra’s heart threatened to jump out of her tightly secured pea coat and run down the street like Scooby-Doo in a haunted house. How many nights have I cried out to God about the same thing? 
She nodded, motioning for him to continue.

“I asked God to help me find someone who would speak to my heart. It’s nice to hear about your favorite movie and how long you’ve been single; but I want to know how you got that childhood scar. Or who your hero is. What made you cry the last time tears fell from your face? What is your first thought when you wake up every morning?”

“I want to tell you the same things about me and more….so much more. I don’t have time in my life for the superficial. I’m ready to grow with someone. Build a life with someone. Face the world with no fear because I know someone is praying for me and I will do the same for her.”

“So, I’m asking you again: will you show me your heart? Will you let down your guard and take off your mask?” The man extended his hand to Sierra, who was still speechless.  “Will you believe God with me that all things are possible…even us?”

Sierra’s mind whirled a million reasons to run:
He could be a serial killer.
What if he uses me?
I can’t take one more heartbreak in my life.
Should I mace him?

Her heart spoke two words to make her stay:
Trust me.

“I will.”

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