Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crazy Love

I'm going to blame this overly emotional, sappy post on a few factors: the weather, my Slow Jams Slacker station and Girl Talk with some dear friends of mine. Therefore, this post will self-destruct in 24 hours.

It has you doing the things you said you would never do.

It makes even the most cynical among us sigh when the credits roll on yet another sappy Disney movie.

This is the reason...

The reason why true R&B music will never die.

The reason why Hallmark, Tiffanys and Godiva became household names.

The reason why you finally decide to let down your guard, relinquishing the key to your heart with such quickness one wonders if you ever even really possessed it.

It is the reason why you will always, without fail, put everything on the line. Even if this feeling has an expiration date, you will finally know why he smiles and tilts his head in a bashful manner; why she blushes the lightest shade of pink and has an extra bounce in her step.

It is the reason why you can't help but watch the elderly couples at the mall....why you ALWAYS cry at weddings....why you are able to bounce back from heartache.

It's love.

And there's enough for all of us.


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