Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Appalonia Faith

I needed a car.

I woke up one Saturday morning knowing that this was the day I was going to cop a new set of wheels. I woke up my sister--plied her with coffee--and set out on a buying adventure.

We went to the first lot and I saw a car that was adequate. I didn't really like the color or the mileage, BUT it had a refrigerated glove compartment. I just had to have that. Without even test driving the car (I know, I was ig'nant), I went inside to talk to the finance manager. I sat waiting for 45 minutes before anyone even acknowledged me. When the finance manager finally did speak, she quoted a price that was almost $1,500 more than I was willing to pay. I said "nope" and walked right out of the dealership.

When I got in my sister's car, I was so angry. I KNEW I was going to get a car today and I was sure it had to be that one. After all, I wasn't making much money; I was still paying off my student loans. I was just looking for adequate...and now, it seemed like I couldn't even get that.

Let's pray about it.

I knew Shayla was right. I had done all of the research in the world, but I hadn't sought the Lord at all that morning. We prayed, right there in the parking lot of that shady dealership.

I felt better.

I still had hope.

Why don't we try one more dealership?

At the next place, I got out of the car and greeted the smiling salesman with my most intimidating glare. "Look," I told him, "I don't have a lot of money. I don't expect anything fancy, but I do want something reliable. If you can help me, I would be appreciative. If not, just let me know now and we can both go on about our day."

SN: If you know me, you know that had to be God working through me. I am NEVER that assertive.

Sam, with that same smile on his face, told me he had just the car for me. The MOMENT I saw that shiny, bright red HHR, I fell in love. I checked her odometer and my jaw dropped. She hadn't even been broken in! I drove her through the streets of Midwest City and I knew this was my car.

When we got back to the dealership, the process was smooth. Sam the Salesman wasn't kidding about working with me; neither was the finance manager. In less than an hour, I had the keys in my hand and I was on my way home.

She sort of looks like an apple. What are you going to call her?

I was writing in my journal this morning and I noticed my words were once again filled with defeat.

I'm never going to ________________.
I've already tried _________________.
But they'll say ___________________.

And right in the middle of my laments, I heard God whisper my name--you know, my real, government/Mike and Regenia-given name--along with this simple reminder:

You just need to have some Appalonia faith.

Back then, I knew Appalonia was mine.
Today, I know healing is mine.

Back then, I obliterated words of defeat with words of power and faith.
Today, I can put the brakes on the Trauma DJ with verses like Romans 8:1.
Or Psalm 37:25.
Or Psalm 119:50.
Or Philippians 4:19.
And definitely Ephesians 3:20.

Back then, I knew God was bigger, badder and better than my biggest problems.
Some things never change.

Today, I have Appalonia faith.


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