Monday, May 2, 2011

The "Human" Blog Entry

Maybe it's the has been blowing awful hard lately.

Pandora isn't helping.

Janet Jackson--Anytime, Anyplace

Floetry--Say Yes

Mariah Carey--My All

Toni Braxton--I Love Me Some Him

See, I don't know why I even changed from my Israel Houghton station.

The Kayla in me is kind of embarrassed to talk about this, but I'm sure someone out there can feel me....and not literally.

Temptation looms.

Let's face it--there are times in life when we have those urges. I don't care how saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost you are, there are just some moments when EVERYBODY looks like your fantasy come to life.

So, what do you do?

I'll tell you what I'm going to do: RUN! I'm going to go home, put on my tennis shoes and hit the trails until I can't move another step. If it's too cold and rainy, there's always INSANITY.

Scratch that. At this present moment, Shaun T is a little too smexy for me to be seeing on a daily basis.Better stick with Billy Blanks.

I'm going to take a COLD shower (yes, it works for women too), crawl into bed and pray that this raging fire within is soon downgraded to a puff of smoke....and pray there's a shortage of the following colognes:

--Issey Miyake
--David Beckham

In fact, I hope every man is forced to wear something like....Old Spice. Yeah. It's safe if you smell like my grandpa.

And finally, I am going to wear sunglasses all day, everyday. Apparently, I flirt with my eyes and there can be none of that right now. Just call me Ray Charles.

I'm not answering my phone....
Text messages...
Facebook?!?!?! Oh, heck no. That's just begging for trouble.

I'll see y'all when this passes.


The Baptist Nun

(Note: By now, I hope you've figured out this entry is satirical. If it made you scoff instead of smile....then my goodness, you don't really know me at all! For shame!!!! LOL)

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