Friday, June 3, 2011

The Summertime Pledge

Ladies (and gentlemen), please raise your right hand and repeat after me:

I promise:

--(Ladies)to make sure my toenails are painted. Even if I am late for work/church/school, I will gladly accept the consequences in order to fix that chipped big toe.

--to step out of my clothing comfort zone. I will wear colors I have never worn and styles I've never long as they are APPROPRIATE. Rompers? Not so much.

--to participate in (at least) one child-like activity. Amidst all the tragedies being discussed on CNN, they've left out one of the biggest--losing our childhood innocence.

Find it in a water balloon fight; a Tiger's Blood sno-cone; a game of Hide And Seek at the park; even an afternoon spent lying in the grass, blowing dandelion petals and thinking about absolutely nothing.

--to eat good barbecue. I also promise to tell the FABULOUS author of this blog about any barbecue within a 50-mile radius.

--to make sure the AC is running efficiently at ALL times. If not, thou shalt have the numbers of three good repairmen on speed dial.

--to take one road trip, even if it's just to the other side of town. I know, gas is expensive...and? 40 bucks in Appalonia reaps dividends to my stress levels and my soul. Open the sunroof, put on that good music, press the pedal all the way to the floor and GO.

--to laugh. Often. Until tears stream down my face and my stomach cramps up. Free, fun and so worth it.

--take lots of pictures....and not just to preserve your "I'm awesome" FB/Twitter image. Next February, when you're so cold you can't feel your calves, much less your toes, you can look back on those pictures and know summer is just around the corner.

--not obsess over "summer lovin.'" I know, I happened for John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. One of Mariah Carey's best songs is "Fourth of July," all about a summertime romance. Everybody is showing more skin; your hormones are raging; all your instincts are telling you it's time to couple up.

Slow your roll, homeskillets. The good news is there is no "magical season" where you're are destined to fall in love. If you haven't met the Love of Your Life by Labor Day, life goes on.

And if you've stayed true to the Summertime Pledge, you can look back with a smile on your face and say:

"Man...that was a good summer."

Here's to a groove slightly transformed.


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  1. Love this!!! I'm signing my pledge in ink so i can't go back on :)