Monday, May 21, 2012

Beef, Chicken...or Me?

What dollar amount do you spend on dinners before you start to expect a little sexual return on the investment? Or when you go out on dates, do you let them know that steak, lobster and shrimp are on the "sex tonite" part of the menu? 
--Facebook Status


By now, I've had my share of first dates. Through all of the hits and misses, my attitude towards food has always remained the same: I only order what I would order if I were paying for myself. Since I haven't had a steak since college and I only eat lobster in Shreveport (where it's all you can eat, thank you very much), I usually order chicken or pasta. 

From a fiscal perspective, I do see why men grumble when a woman he just met orders the lobster tail with filet mignon on the side. Times are hard for everybody...didn't I see you ordering water with extra lemons so you could make ghetto lemonade? Exactly. 

But, I digress. 

When I was younger, our church youth group used to have car washes to raise money for our summer activities. On the posters, we would always put "tips are ACCEPTED." One day, someone got a little confused and put "tips are EXPECTED." That day, we didn't raise nearly as much money as we had on previous occasions. Why? Because people enjoy having a choice. 


Anyway, I want to hear from you. What are your thoughts on this subject? Somebody help me understand!


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  1. This brings to mind several questions. One: Where are you taking women on dates? I'm just can't take me to Steak & Ale and act surprised when I order a steak! If you have a steak appetite and lacking funds.....I suggest Steak and Shake! Two: What woman goes on a first date and orders that stuff? It seems like only a "ratchet" woman would do that. To a man, that kinda screams HIGH MAINTENANCE. Three: Not saying that premarital sex is right, BUT a woman knows before a date whether or not she's going to give it up! The issue of sex, from a woman's standpoint, was probably decided during the phone conversation leading up to the date.

    Bottom Line: Stop trying to play games.....most people aren't smart enough to be successful game players. *Checkmate*