Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just So You Know:14 Facts About Moi

Tell me about yourself. 

Whether on a date or a job interview, these four words strike terror in the hearts of the best of us. You want your answers to be humble, but self-assured. A chuckle is a great response; a blank stare, not so much. And how much do you reveal while keeping that air of mystery about you?

I'd like to say I've figured out how to do this, but the truth of the matter is it still makes my knees shake. Since the best way to get over a fear is to confront it, I've decided to share 14 things you may not know about me.

Plus, every true blogger knows this is the go-to post when you've run out of provocative topics for the week. Enjoy!

1.I like my coffee black. No splenda, no Vanilla Cupcake Frosting Creamer, just black. My theory: it's not supposed to taste good, it's supposed to wake you up.

2. To date, I have murdered three cars with my careless maintenance practices (RIP to Jameisha Jeep, Granny the Grand Am and the Canyonero, i.e., the Trooper). Thankfully, I've grown older and realized it just make sense to take care of what you've got. That and Appalonia reminds me when her oil needs to be changed.

 2a. Yes, all of my cars have had names. Appalonia got her name because she's petite, passionate...and really, she kind of looks like an apple from a distance.

3. El Debarge was the first love of my life. From the moment I saw him on Soul Train, I knew I wanted to forever dance to the beat of the rhythm of the night. But if he doesn't show up in Dallas next month, we're through. My heart can't take it!

4. I dislocated my shoulder at a bowling alley. When someone tells you not to cross the foul line, I suggest you listen.

5. I used to have this non-romantic fantasy about living without electricity. I thought it would be an adventure to survive on my own merits. That fantasy crashed and burned during the Great Snowstorm of 2002. I have no survival skills....and I still want to know how one can make Chicken-Fried Steak without electricity.

6. Lysol commercials make me sick to my stomach. In fact, the smell of Lysol makes me nauseous. I think it's because I remember it being sprayed at the day care to cover up the stench of dirty diapers. *gag*

7. Everyone who knows me knows I have always been a die-hard Pistons fan. Well, I'd like to officially announce our decision to part ways. This year, they looked like a junior high JV team on the court. I'm positive my three year-old nephew could drive the lane better than them.

8. My handwriting is weird. I start out writing in cursive, but I end up writing in print. When I'm mad, I underline everything and press so hard it bleeds through the pages. And because I'm left-handed, everything smudges.

9. I have the most sensitive skin on the planet, but I love buying the smell-goods. So, I have dozens of bottles of barely used laundry detergent, body wash and lotion. I would give them away, but I always convince myself that my skin will adapt. Thirty minutes and an itchy stomach later, I know I'm wrong.

10. Neither one of my parents were cheap, but I am. I still haven't traced the source of my penny-pinching ways.

11. I sleep with a stuffed animal over my head. I know a pillow would probably be more adult, but Roscoe just fits perfectly between my neck and my shoulders.

12. My dream vacation spot is St. Lucia.

13. The way I relate to people--and the way relate to me--is really as simple as which name they use to address me. It goes as follows:
        My given first name: These people know really know me. They get the uncensored version, which is both good and bad.
         K. Marie: This is the radio edit. The song is basically same, but you're left wondering why those lyrics don't exactly rhyme.
         Kay-Kay: If you value your life, you won't use this. Ever.

14. I prefer even numbers, so I'll end here. It was supposed to be twenty facts, know. A sista needs to leave y'all wanting more.

Be Encouraged,


Feel free to leave random facts about yourself in the comment section. It's even better if I don't know you from Adam! 

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