Saturday, March 28, 2015

Writing Challenge, Day 5:Dear Homeskillet

A few years ago, I did a letter-writing challenge for this blog. The impact was phenomenal, but it left me with a lot of FEELINGS that could not be compartmentalized. Plus, I find writing letters to be kind of passive-aggressive. If I have something to say, I would much rather say it in person. 

But this letter is different--and I'm actually grateful that the challenge included writing a letter to someone. Point blank: when I'm around this person, I never get to say what I want to say. So this time, I'll take the easy way out and post my words here. One day soon, I hope that changes. 

Dear DP,

When I met you, I had so much respect for you. You were so accomplished; so confident; so down to earth. I wanted to read every page of your life story. 

Since then, I've read excerpts and whole chapters and my assessment still hasn't changed: I think you have the potential to set the whole world on fire. 

I don't want anything from you. I am satisfied with memories of laughter, phone conversations and one slightly awkward lunch at Primo's. Thank you for, in a roundabout way, teaching me not to settle for less than what I truly deserve.

Sometimes, I do feel concern in my heart for you. I worry about the effect of people's words on your spirit. Even the strongest among us sometimes find ourselves wounded by the verbal assaults of those claiming to "keep it real." I pray daily that God would protect you from the snares and keep you moving forward toward your destiny. 

Shake it off, friend. You are not who "they" say you are.

If you ever need encouragement, I'm here.
If you ever need someone to listen, I'm here.
If you ever just want to laugh, I'm here.

....Didn't that sound like a Jackson 5 song? I felt like yelling "just look over your shoulder, honey!" LOL

I will always have your back. 

Be Encouraged, 


P.S. I know I didn't reveal much--that was intentional. But if you really want me to answer that question, here it is: yep.

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