Tuesday, March 15, 2011

May I Keep It Real?

I was driving down Memorial this afternoon when I noticed that Appalonia was pulling to the right. I turned into a gas station and was not surprised to find that the tire was flat. I called my girl Nadia to help and (with the aid of another Good Samaritan) got the tire changed.

Ordinary occurrence, right?

When I looked at the tire, there was a nail embedded in it and it was ripped straight down the middle. If I had gotten on the highway like I intended to, that very easily could have turned into an accident. Chills ran down my spine as I thought about how, once again, God spared me from dangers seen and unseen.

As I drove home, I started thinking. You have plenty of time to do that when you can only go 30, as my spare happens to be the approximate size of a dinner plate. I thought about my purpose in this life; obviously, God has me here for a reason.

But what?

That is the question of the day. In my heart, I feel as if I am just existing. I have become complacent in my life--it ain't broke, so I won't fix it. Yet, something is telling me that is no longer enough.

This is far greater than my career, relationship status or anything like that. Again, I find myself at a crossroad and I am not exactly sure where to turn. I have no doubt in my mind that God will be with me wherever I decide to go, but I have a feeling that what He desires of me is far bigger than any task I have ever accepted.

The conundrum of the twenty-something: can I step out on faith?

What gives me great comfort at this confusing time in my life are those who have traversed this path before me.

I think of my mother, who stepped out on faith until the very end.
I think of my father, who has this incredible ability to remain calm in the face of life's biggest storms.
I think of my cousins, who have inspired me by branching out...'cause life is so much bigger than Oklahoma.
I think of my girl Mina, who walked away from a "good" situation because her heart knew that GREAT was on the horizon.
I think of all the people, even strangers, who have shared their stories with me. Even the most unstable person has a pearl of wisdom if you're looking hard enough.
I think of me. I have been here before, and I know what is required.

I think of God, who really knows me.....I mean REALLY knows me. I can almost picture Him smiling like a child with a secret, for He already knows the conclusion of the matter.

As I type this, I feel someone out there is going through a similar situation. Your world is black and white when you know there are thousands of other colors on the palette. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to dip my brush in some reds, yellows, pinks and blues to create my mural.

My life.

Chase the rainbow.

Be encouraged,

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