Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Confessions of a Blogger

I confess:

--This was another request from one of my good friends. For the sake of pushing my writing ability, I do my best to oblige all requests.

--In case any of you are wondering why I ask for topic requests, it is because they force me out of my comfort zone. A lot of times, these topics require me to think outside of the box or post some of my most private thoughts.

The best runner knows that sometimes, you have to change up your course. You might not like it, but you'll get stronger!

--That being said, I'm kind of burned out on all of the single, dating and love topics. I'm not going to's on my mind like 35% percent of the time. Writing about it means I have to think about it....which leads to too much time spent on it. It has sort of "colored" the beginnings of a few blossoming relationships and I don't really like that.

At this point, I just feel like I am where I am. If I'm meant to be in a relationship, it will happen.

*throwing myself on the ground* VERIFIABLE INCOME AND GOOD GRAMMAR....THAT'S ALL I ASK!
--Part of me really wants to know who is reading my blog; the other part of me doesn't want to know. If I knew certain people were reading, I think I would censor myself more than I do. And there are some upcoming entries where I plan on getting downright RAW....

So, yeah. Don't tell me.

Non-Blog Related Confessions

--I had to check myself today. Life is so much bigger than Facebook and sometimes, it's easy to get drawn into other people's madness. I literally had to close my laptop and ask myself: "Would these person even CARE if I dropped off the face of the Earth?" Pretty sure they'd go on with their lives and that is okay. It's what I expect.

My inner circle means more to me than hundreds of Facebook "friends."

But that IGNORE feature can sho' lift up a bowed down head! LOL!

--My sister and I challenged each other this weekend. I won't tell you her challenge, but mine was to stop being analytical with men. I confess, I'm really bad about this. Every text message, phone conversation, date, kiss and more requires in-depth analysis....either in my mind or my journal. Sometimes, you can think yourself right out of a relationship.

The secondary part was to put myself out there more, thereby risking rejection (which I DESPISE). I tried it last weekend....and it didn't work out that great. But it didn't kill me either.

--I was just thinking that I need an excuse to dress up, but why do I have to wait for a special occasion?

Well, I guess it would look a little strange for me to wear a formal dress to work...but trust me. I've seen worse.

--Three things make me right in the morning: prayer, exercise and coffee. Without these, I am raging you-know-what.

It took me 28 years to discover I am not a morning person....I'm sure the people who really know me figured it out much sooner.

--Even amidst the noise, craziness and chaos which has become my life, I am encouraged. I know in my heart there is a purpose behind every tear, thought, conversation and even song. I feel a lift of hope in my chest.

Dear hearts, it is all working together for my good.


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