Sunday, February 6, 2011

Text Messaging and Me

(Topic Suggestion from Lahree)

I am a serial texter.

I still remember the humble beginnings of the text; back when I still had a flip phone and the only game you could play was "Snake." I even remember the first text I word to my little sister, Jeanette: "MARCO!" Five minutes later, she replied: "POLO!"

And so, the love affair began.

As with any relationship, there have been ebbs and flows in the journey. Right now, I harbor some resentment towards those 160 characters which were created to make like simpler. I guess it has, but it's also done something else--texting has made life too sanitary.

Once upon a time, texting seemed to be the answer to life's problems. If you know me, you know I DESPISE conflict and confrontation. Makes my stomach hurt. In fact, if I sense trouble coming even in a television show, I'll turn the channel. Texting became a lifeline for me. I could give people the brush-off without ever having to see their faces. I could put myself out there with new people and never have to experience those awkward moments of silence. I could be fighting mad at someone and play it off like I was just mildly annoyed.

Life seemed simple. Almost too simple. Indeed, something was missing.

I agree with Miss Frizzle of the "Magic School Bus" fame. In life, you have to make mistakes and get messy. You HAVE to face rejection, embarrassment, anger and sadness. Though not my favorite emotions, I am glad I started to experience those emotions long before the texting revolution....back in the dark ages when everything occurred in person or on the phone. Those moments shaped me; they shaped all future reactions to the not so sunny moments in life. Life is far too complicated to be compartmentalized in the bubble on the Blackberry.

To everyone reading this blog (and trust me, I have a pretty good idea who is reading), I am challenging you to let go of the crutch that is text messaging. For one week, take the time to really talk to someone, no matter how new, awkward or uncomfortable the situation may be. If you want, you can even start by calling me....

.....But not after 10:30. Lord, help the person who calls me after 10:30 and actually expects an answer!

Be Encouraged,


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