Monday, February 21, 2011

A Love Letter To Myself

I am super-late posting this, but I am a woman of my word.

Dear Kayla,

There are mornings when you wake up feeling like the crap on the bottom of a well-worn boot. You look in the mirror and notice all your problem areas staring back at you; you wonder what on God's green earth could make someone want to love you?

Lots of things.

You're giving.
You're forgiving.
Your "for real" smile is radiant (and I'm not talking about the fake one for pictures and annoying salesmen).
You have a heart that (hopefully) everyone sees.

You've got a really bad-ass 'fro.

I love you because you see the best in people.
I love you because you've finally started seeing the best in yourself.

Whatever tomorrow brings--whatever today brings--I'm just glad I took the time to look past the faults and see you for who you are...

A blessing.

If I had a choice right now to be me or someone else, I'd choose me without hesitation.

Kayla Marie Woodberry.

That's my girl.

Happy Belated Valentine's Day.


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