Monday, February 7, 2011

A Letter To My Future

Dear Future,

I love surprises.

Granted, few people have ever been able to surprise me....probably because I love to snoop as much as I love surprises. However, the few times I was genuinely unaware of what was to come absolutely took my breath away. There's just something special about the unexpected.

True, there are the desires of my heart; things I want so bad they literally cause my heart to ache. To be honest, I don't want them in the future...I want them right now.

Of course, you're me. You already know what happens when you try to throw temper tantrums with God.

Just as I like to be surprised with parties or gifts or visits, I am learning to like the surprise of LIFE. If you had asked me at 23 how I viewed Kayla at 28, my answer would go something like this:

Kayla at 28 will be married to ________ with at least one child on the way. She will be teaching English Lit at a college somewhere down south while pursuing a Doctorate in African-American Literature. She will have published a series of books and her house will be decorated in shades of mocha and lilac....


I'm so glad God really knows me. He hears the words coming out of my mouth, but He can see what I can't. He knew that between 23 and 28, I had a whole lot of growing up to do. I learned my "dreams" were really not my dreams; rather, what people expected of me. I had to learn who Kayla was and is. Nothing in the previous paragraph has happened, yet I am very happy with my life.

Why? Because I've learned to appreciate the unexpected.

So, Kayla at.....let's say 38, I hope you still have that sense of optimism and hope in your heart. I hope you know that everyday, there is a reason to smile and someone to encourage. I hope God grants the desires of your heart, but only in accordance with His will for your life.

And I hope the Pistons have one another championship in this time period.

Encouraged Now And Forever,


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