Thursday, December 23, 2010

21: The Person Who Broke My Heart the Hardest


I confess: I got caught up in the myth.

I believed dating a preacher was the safest investment in my relationship future. They don't lie and they certainly don't break your heart.

You did both.

To be fair, you are human. I don't know many preachers or pastors who can stand on that illusive pedestal. Life just causes it to topple.

But preacher or not, you're an ass.

I am so grateful you were not my first or last chance at love, for I would have been beyond disillusioned. That's one thing you didn't take from me--I STILL believe in love.

I don't care how the last woman treated you, I am not her. And maybe, just maybe, you will learn how to treat the next woman with the respect you failed to show me. Above all else, I pray you get that chip off your shoulder. That arrogance is just a disguise for your insecurities and everyone knows it.

With all due respect, get bent.


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