Friday, December 31, 2010

30: My Reflection In The Mirror

Dear Kayla Marie,

You are beautiful.

I'm not even talking about full hair and make-up; I am talking about when you glance at the mirror while waiting for the shower to heat up every morning.

Just gorgeous.

What I love more than the smile, the expressive brown eyes or those wickedly sculpted calf muscles is your heart.

Honey, that is the show-stopper.

You see the beauty in everyone, even when they fail to see it in you. You live life with that innate optimism because, yes--everything will be alright. That attitude is contagious, which is probably why a few people just can't get enough of you.


You have experienced some of life's greatest struggles and lived to blog about it.

You have are motivated and disciplined, even when it would feel so good to quit.

You are humble....most days.

You love God and it shows.

You are still learning, loving, laughing and living--and that, dear heart, makes you more than beautiful.

You are a conqueror.

Work It,

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