Monday, December 27, 2010

24: The Person I Judged By First Impression

Someone I Judged By First Impression

Dear _______,

I must admit, I do not feel comfortable writing this letter. After all, I am a Christian and the Bible gives pretty explicit instructions in regards to judging others. Yet, there is a small part of me that still has knee-jerk reactions at first meeting and you happen to be one of them.

You come across as judgmental.

To be quite honest, you are just a small part of a larger problem I have, one I struggle to understand on a daily basis. Where do you draw the line between “speaking the truth in love” and just being unnecessarily gruff? I believe there are some people in this world who have been turned away from Christianity because they have encountered some folks who keep it a little too real. For lack of a better reference, they are like the teacher’s pet who takes names while the teacher is out of the classroom. If you so much as blink wrong, they’re telling God.

That hurts me.

I know God is just; one day, I must answer for the things I have done and said in my lifetime. However, I also know God to be so much more—loving, compassionate, a provider, a healer—my very best friend. And you know what I really love about Him? He can take the very worst of us and turn us into something far greater than our finite minds can even fathom.

I say this not to discourage you, but to encourage you. By now, I have seen past that first impression and I know you have within you the same traits as the Father—loving, gentle, compassionate, kind and peaceable. When I see those glimpses of your heart, those are the moments I see the God in you.

Gives you a nice glow too.

Be encouraged and remember we are all still a work in progress. God is not through with any one of us yet. When we are completed…..well, I can only imagine.


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