Friday, December 31, 2010

28: Someone Who Changed My Life


The only reason I am not crying right now is because I know you won't read this for......oh, another three years.

As a rule, I have never really had work friends. They were just associates--people who I had to deal with forty hours a week and not a second more.

Then you came waltzing into my office with your homemade brownies and your smart mouth...

And you have touched my heart. More importantly, you have changed my life.

In college, one of my favorite professors told me there are some subjects you cannot write about until you have truly healed. In our morning conversations, I have revisited some subjects that once seemed too painful to even think. If I can talk about them, I can write about them. If I can write about them, I am healed. Because of you, I have been able to write these letters, which would have terrified me a year ago. I have a backbone now!

You make me smile when I feel like plucking out my leg hair with tweezers. And HALLELUJAH, you always make sure there is a pot of hot coffee waiting for me every morning. Really, everyone else in the office should thank you too. I'm a real "you know what" without my coffee.

Every morning and every night, I pray for you. At least three times a day, I thank God for you. In my eyes, you have a heart so pure and genuine--trust me, honey, God sees that and I do too. Anyone who doesn't is a complete.....*ahem*......"re-re."

Here's to a new year of more adventures, more laughter and (hopefully) more red velvet cake.

Please? I asked nicely.

Love you,
Kayla Marie (said with a country accent)

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