Thursday, December 16, 2010

Letter 6: A Letter To My Sibling

Dear Shayla LaNise,

They say there is no bond in this world stronger than that of twins. It is said to supersede even the relationship of a mother and her child--but we never needed any research to tell us what has been so clear all along.

I could talk about our many adventures or even our......fisticuffs. I would rather spend some time talking about you.

I have seen such a change in you. For the first time, I see you believing in yourself. I see you doing things I have NEVER seen you do. I see your walls coming down and I am moved to tears. Before my eyes, you are becoming the woman God always intended for you to be; I am rejoicing with you.

I will always be your biggest fan, personal advice columnist and audience; thank you for being my psychiatrist, personal comedienne and hairdresser.....

Even though you DID refuse to give me a mohawk. Hater.

What I love and value most about our twinship is that we just are--that is more comforting to me than fuzzy socks at bedtime. People get us, but more importantly, we get ourselves. Best, that is so cool.

I will never take for granted what we have.



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