Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 15: The Person I Miss The Most


Girl, girl, girl.....I miss you.

I would just love to hear you sing some of these new songs--your voice would send me right on in! I'd also like to see you handle some of these defiant choir members. You had that "Uncle Glenn personality," meaning you say what you want and dare someone to object. I'd kill for that bravado.

When I watch Tommy Boy, The Wedding Singer, Beetlejuice and The Five Heartbeats, I laugh at all your favorite parts.

My biggest fear when you died is that I would forget you; that your voice, your touch and your scent would just keep fading into the deep recesses of my mind until you just disappeared. Thank God, that has never happened...though I should have known I could NEVER forget you. You wouldn't have it.


More than anything, I am grateful you taught me to be independent. When God gave you your wings, I believe you pinched off a little section and gave it to me.

I'm flying, TD. Thank you.



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