Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 1: Letter To My Best Friend

Dear Alonzo (or 'Zo/Professor/AC/SMART MOUTH),

As most people in our age group have begun to understand, you cannot call everyone a friend. In a world where we invite people into our business on a daily basis, very few make the cut. The list for best friend is even shorter, containing just one name: Alonzo D. Cowles Jr.

What can I really say about my best friend? In a relationship that has now spanned two decades, you have been so much more than a friend. You are my encourager when I feel something is beyond my level of expertise; you are my sounding board when an important decision must be made. And let's face it--you buy the best Christmas gifts. *hint hint*

You are and will always be my "secret keeper," the one who knows my most intimate thoughts and always manages to guard them as you would your own. That is, except for the moments you are going to God on my behalf. For this and so much more, I can never begin to repay you. The very best I can do is offer you my unconditional love and friendship for as long as we are here.

Enough of the mush....I know you'll take it and run with it!

Love Always,


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